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Emanuele, a 20-year-old college student with a destiny unlike any other, is being groomed by his father, to take over America’s largest Drug Empire. Born to an ex-Mafioso and a Drug Cartel boss’ daughter, Emanuele is determined to make his father proud and become the strongest version of himself. But his journey to the top comes with stringent training and extreme testing.

As he rises to become the next leader of the organization, Emanuele encounters a curveball in the form of a beautiful college girl, who threatens to interfere with his purpose. Their love blooms intensely, but as Emanuele navigates the dangers of the underworld, he realizes that the life he was born into and the life he desires with her are incompatible.

When family tragedy strikes, linked to the very organization he’s set to inherit, Emanuele is forced to make a choice. Will he continue down the path to become the most powerful man in the American underworld, or will he abandon his legacy and forge a new path with the love of his life?

Emanuele’s journey takes a supernatural turn when he meets the Regal Man, a mysterious being who shows him a glimpse of an incredible future outside of his life of crime. The Regal Man implores Emanuele to choose a life beyond crime and corruption, and to weigh the true cost of his choices.

In a dark world ruled only by money and power, Emanuele must decide what he truly wants and what he is willing to sacrifice. Will he choose to follow his father’s footsteps, or will he break the cycle and create a new legacy for himself? The decision he makes will determine not only his own fate, but the future of the entire organization.

Emanuele’s story is one of love, loss, and the pursuit of freedom. It’s the tale of a young man struggling to balance his own desires with the weight of his heritage, and purpose. Get ready to be transported into a world of danger, sacrifice, and the power of supernatural intervention to overcome all odds.

Empire Down – Jacob Anthony
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